Geovane Fedrecheski

March 21, 1993   

Computer Scientist working towards a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of São Paulo. Recently worked as a Visiting Researcher at UC Berkeley.

Things I like

  • giving classes and talks
  • learning new skills
  • riding my motorcycle
  • making puns and writing pariodies
  • all sorts of physical activities: hiking, trekking, crossfit training, biking, lifting weights, martial arts, crossfit
  • and other random stuff such as theater, improv, surfing


  • CodeIoT: In 2017, I’ve helped to build CodeIoT, a free platform with courses teaching about the Internet of Things. So far it has had more than 250,000 students.
  • Caninos Loucos: a program to develop open Single Board Computers (SBCs) to enable IoT innovation in Brazil and beyond.
  • IoT Swarms: a research group at Universidade de São Paulo, we research and develop technologies to enable creation of Swarms of IoT devices.
  • BNDES IoT Cities: Experiments of Internet of Things solutions in public safety and urban mobility, in the city of São Paulo.

Selected Publications

More at my Google Scholar profile.

Side projects


A tool that generates prime numbers whose binary representation looks like any image.



Discussion on HN:


A led panel made with wood, arduino, shift registers, and a lot of wiring. See it in action in this video.

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